The Times of the End Have Arrived

The Higher Power 

All That I Share is Full Truth and Nothing But Truth for a World with Only the Higher Power as my lead; and never the spirit of man which is only the wisdom of man that knows nothing of absolute pure truth from the Spirit world of only God.

When any individuals goal in life itself has become for all the people everywhere on earth with only the whole truth and nothing but complete spiritual truth in all matters that concern all lives everywhere in all locations on this planet, there is a reason with a purpose; and that direction is something spiritual from a Higher Power that the people of this world just don’t understand because it’s something that is not of this world; therefore only those not of this world spiritually are the only ones who have the fear of the Lord which is understanding of God.

Within this world today, the most ignorant are all of the religious people through the religions of man on this planet because they know not Yehovah Elohim [God] according to His own words that none believe; Therefore I have absolutely no association whatsoever with any of the massive amount of man-made religions scattered all over this world because I do only my best as the word of God says to do, and having no association with the doctrines and traditions of man is just one small part of God's commanded direction that without obeying, Yehovah [Sacred name] of God cannot be known;

and that is because truth cannot be mixed with any other substance other than truth, but the father of lies holds back the whole truth, and through deception nullifies what truths he has allowed to be taught through words alone, and reason being that because without genuine love for others through actions, Yehovah can never be known, and what's so sad is just how very clear with easy to read words for understanding that our eternal Father uses to make his laws based on love absolutely clear to all believers ---{Hebrews 8:10, John 13:34, 1 John 3:11-24, 1 Corinthians 13:1-13, 1 Peter 4:8, 1 John 4:7-8, Ephesians 3:19, Revelation 22:14}--- but this world of believers believes not; and I am living proof through years of all the scorners who delight in judging while being fools that hate knowledge; {Proverbs 1:22} and our Lord told me (John 15:18-21} of my life as it is. So I just accept while doing what Elohim has chosen me for when knowing that those who laugh will be laughed at by God when in calamity as written in{Proverbs 1:26}---yet through love with care, I still deliver God's message no matter how much or how great my own persecution may be.

Therefore the god of this world has deceived this whole world through his counterfeit feel good spirit {Ephesians 2:2} with smiles and good words from his ministers who have been transformed into ministers of righteousness just as the Bible warns all believers of in {2 Corinthians 11:13-15}, but they cannot hear truth, therefore are rejecting God; and whoever rejects God will be rejected by God during the beginning of sorrows and the great tribulation, they are still saved, but must suffer a very great punishment.


The time has arrived for a world of human beings that have always been within unknown darkness to see a glimmer of some true light with actual truth rather than the false lights through false words of man which were acquired from the god of this world who has always been the psychological mind controlling deceiver since the beginning of his first earthly rule over the sons of God; and the only way possible for you to see requires but only one very simple step called faith in the absolute unknown world of what you cannot see; and that is because once there was a period when all that existed was absolutely nothing, so from an eternal nothingness to an eternal universe with stars, planets, moons and black holes that lead perhaps into other dimensions along with other uncountable sights, there are just no words of description.

All that can be known is that nothing can come from nothing, therefore there hast to be a much Higher power that humans minds with their own wisdom could not possibly understand, but with the Spirit of who created all things there can be knowledge supplied to us by our creator, but only if we work to earn it; and the harder we work with devotion from our hearts, the more that will be given which means that believers with lips who live as sluggards will never gain any knowledge at all in this current life, and that means no fear of the Lord; and most religious people don’t even know what the fear of the Lord is, because if they did, they would have some understanding of Yehovah Elohim rather than the doctrines of man which lead only into blind darkness, and to understand God means to obey his lead through his pure words of only truth.  

Because we are all but one human race as human beings of different cultures, skin color, and language, the people and event subject matter that God leads me in has no limits meaning that everyone worldwide is included because we are all to love one another rather than kill one another as man has always done since the beginning; and for a perfect example, just look closely at this world today being in bloodshed.

First of all their have always been wars with everybody right in their own minds just as beliefs with everyone else wrong, so through history to current day billions have always suffered and died while serving no purpose whatsoever because today with man’s modern technology there are more than enough weapons of war for only death with destruction to completely wipe out this entire human race; and there has never in the history of the human race been a weapon developed that was not used.

And as far as who kills who, the white people kill the brown people, the blacks kill the white, yellow kill each other, the Christians kill the Muslims that kill the Jews, and in the simplest plain and easy to understand truth, everyone just kills everybody else while everyone on earth just hates all that is not like them including any not having the same god.

So what good things have wars ever brought?  What good is any of the fighting in this world today?

All that anyone needs to do is see this world as it truly is, and no good can be seen when looked at clearly in some serious depth with only clear minds that put absolutely no confidence in man because this human race with atrocities from a to z are uncountable. Therefore this entire world is nothing but a major disaster coming to its end, and all because man has trusted in man.

 I am 60 years of age with life itself as my greatest education. My current writing experience has spread through these past nine years which means that I have had no life other than being for the most part within a spiritual prison in the Philippines; and all of my time is used for education in writing, watching world events, people in their ways, the religions of man and just reality worldwide on every subject.   

Where I am in life with years of many experiences through religious people and their words of God as a mismatch is not by accident; and that’s because people just don’t go and buy one way tickets to the other side of the world to begin a new life with no savings, zero income, and very little in pocket that was already gone in my first month here over nine years ago, yet God has seen me through in His own ways because He had already known me before I was even born and the times to come; and in the same way Yehovah God knows you and every individual on earth, but chooses by what only He can see within hearts that are open and can hide nothing as words. In other words, God knows us all better than we know ourselves. {Hebrews 4:12-13}

The greatest asset of a writer is their dedication with the next being the amount of time they consider to be constructive with always very positive results. So with those two principles in mind, my dedication comes from the Higher Power who in actual truth has become as my heart-beat with His words as being my only blood-flow for life itself; therefore my time invested in very straight forward truth is just non-stop.

God is first; and following are my interests in only getting out information that all people need to know. Therefore what I will write can have a very great variance of subjects which all become totally dependent on only God who I acknowledge in all of my ways for direction, because without Him I can do nothing. {John 8:28b} Just as none of us who believe can do anything without fully abiding in the vine which is our Head. {John 15:1-14}

This entire world is nearing the beginning of sorrows as written in Matthew 24:4-14 and Revelation 6:1-6; and the rider on the white horse is Christ bringing wrath with punishment upon a world of disobedient believers.

So according to God’s direction and never my own, some current reports will be on where various nations are standing regarding what will be as their stage for rising against each other more and more.

The absolute truths on the massive world food shortages. 

What the true status is on world diseases, and many returning with no cures.   

Earthquakes and world disasters. 

Information on the locations and amounts of biological and chemical weapons possessing the power to take billions of lives.

Facts on the extreme power of nuclear weapons, computer weapons, and just every weapon that man has developed in extreme quantities.

Facts on how and why great world leaders have been placed such as even the extremely unqualified like Obama among many very unstable world leaders; and I say unstable because there has never been a stable leader of man since the creation of man; and that is because the god of this world was here and picked up where he had left off after deceiving one third of God’s angels which brought destruction to the face of the earth in judgment, and history is getting ready to repeat itself.

Powers of the Illuminati, FEMA, UN and other world organizations with events rapidly taking place to form the New World Order, but with but only one solution that is different for those who choose against it; and it’s different because man cannot change the coming fall of the human race that has already happened as written in the unknown breaking news that goes unreported in the ways of truth that people need to know without lies through the doctrines of man that billions have been led to believe.   

Another very important subject as God leads will be the absolute proof of just how false “all” the religions of man truly are; and that includes the biggest and most love religious names such as Billy Graham who was a Freemason in this deceived world; and that is why this whole world has been deceived; and the religious people who look to man are far more deceived than the non believers because this world of believers actually reject God through his own words they ignore through the ignorance of following only the false spirit from the prince and power of the air; and I have been warning many for years, with God’s own words who they all claim to love, but hear not; and that is absolute proof of their complete blindness. But naturally, because they believe not God, they will never believe they have been deceived, until it's too late. 

Another fine point of most importance to me is only getting out the news of fact while expecting to change no one; and that is because according to God very few in this very deceived world will be prepared to stand strong in the coming nightmares that will become as living horrors, but because God cares, He still wants to place some understanding within the subconscious of the many who hear not at this time, but will remember when in the ditches crying out with no one to hear including God as written in Proverbs 1:22-32, Lamentations 3:8, 44 and other verses that clearly speak of His coming judgments.

Through my wife's dedication to teaching children, she just does what's needed the only way that it can be done, rain or shine; and in the same way she just does a little of everything whether it be cutting wood or mixing cement because she is just a smart worker that will take on any challenge, plus she has never had a vehicle, therefore never driven, but really wants to, and it's my prayer to God always only to help me in doing things for a woman and best friend who I love as my wife that I have always kept in hardships, and she never complains, but sometimes things get so hard, tears to God are her only release.


Our marriage in August 2009 was just us, a twenty five dollar set of rings that she bought on credit, and her in a borrowed dress; and me with a tie that came in a box of clothes shipped from Connecticut as a gift from a stranger in the spring of 2009 --- welcome to our way of life, yet we keep our faith with solid hope because God is all that we have.  

If I was just able to earn $400 dollars a month through writing, it would give us a whole new life with a way to get a bigger lot and build another small native home just as we now have, but at least with a right of way, a garden, some goats, roosters, birds, rabbits and fish for some enjoyment. My last job in America before I left in November 2006 was a shutdown at Florida Power and Light, and my pay for one week was near $2600, so between very many hard times that my wife and I have had to live with for years, it’s not like sacrifices are not made to please God through faith, that without, He cannot be pleased. {Hebrews 11:6}

In addition, since I have been away,  many in my family have died including my parents. At one time I had over 700 individual job requests through KBR with willingness to go anywhere; and my many efforts through these years past are just far too plentiful for listing, and nothing ever went through because God has kept me just where He placed me for his purposes. So through faith I just keep on running the race. {Hebrews 12:1-2}

The bottom line with but one true fact is that this whole world has been deceived just as God said in {Revelation 12:9} other than God’s little flock in {Luke 12:32}; and it’s only those who can see religious people by their actions with understanding through God’s own pure words in the Bible; and they can see because God is with them in his Spirit whereas this deceived world of believers have only the spirit in man, therefore reject God in his truths that are all so very clearly written for any who totally get shed of man with all of his ways, teachings, traditions and actions that go against God.

The words from our Lord God Almighty have been written with absolutely no confusion, therefore when God says that we are to live by his every word while putting no confidence in man, {Psalms 118:8} He means just what He says. Therefore when He also says that we are to examine ourselves, it means that we are to always be watching ourselves with the “word” as our guide because the “word” is our Head Yeshua [Jesus Christ]

How much do you love yourself?  How much do you care about your own life? How greatly are you concerned about your health, energy, teeth, proper foods, proper education, exercise, work, home, family and just every single aspect of your own life?  

Now take all of that self concern as loving your own self while asking if you also love your neighbor as you love yourself?  Were you aware that according to the words of who a world of religious people claim to love, that without that love for others as just described being deeply planted within ones heart through actions and not words that stop at the tongue, God cannot even be known?

In my hundreds of writings I have been giving God’s own direction to confirm every word I speak with dependence on Yehovah for my lead because they are words from the “author of eternal salvation unto all them that obey Him” throughout his truth that we must not only obey, but live by if we want the blessings for the tree of life as written in Revelation 22:14, yet of the much over hundred thousand views of my very many writings, I sit in mental stress from an old head injury that took a small portion of my brain along with just all of the added stress of one very difficult life of hardships while also very clearly seeing a world of blindness through my calling from God {John 15:18-21} that will suffer the greatest anguish when they see their own children become so hungry, thirsty, weak, thin and sick as they begin dying in the streets as wounded men of war with absolutely no education or understanding as to what or why because their own parents and peers never knew God through his Spirit which is the only way that any can ever know his truth. When God speaks these following words to all believers. . .

“The Lord looked down from heaven upon the children of men, to see if there were any that did understand, and seek God. They are all gone aside, they are all together become filthy; there is none that doeth good, no, not one.” {Psalms 14:2-3}

. . . No, not one, even believe him because of their false light in the comfort room of the counterfeit spirit from the father of lies who as the god of this world whom has deceived this whole world exactly as God, who believers don’t believe, says in his book of Revelation.

In God’s time my needs will be met, or I will just remain as I am because that is the will of the Father. So no matter what happens until death comes or remaining alive for a new life in the millennium, we must only keep our faith true, strong and righteous because our eternal rewards will be very great.  

In God's kingdom to come, life for all will be built of love, and only then will there be eternal peace with a true happiness within the hearts of the whole human race; and that is why at this time God is looking only for over-comers who have overcame the hate of the wicked one because that is the only way to become worthy to reign with Christ, because from God's point of fact through his words, what good would a world of saints be within his kingdom who have not heartfelt love because Satan has overcome them? And that is why there is a world of about 3.5 billion believers that know not God, because God is love, therefore the devil has deceived this whole world through steeling that love from all the religious hearts while leaving only words of love that go no further.  And only God knows just how much genuine hate that I have seen through the years from a people of religious deception.


Even when we live for only God through his will and can prove all things, we still are not believed; and God who is love even tells us of the many. . .

"Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat:

And the few. . .

"Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it. {Matthew 7:13-14}

Is 3.5 billion believers in God few? Or if you are a better than thou Christian who is saved with over a billion others, is that few? Being their is only one God Almighty, one Spirit and only one truth, which truth are you associated with of the over 33,000 religions of man with different doctrines, beliefs, spirits and traditions? God only speaks truth; and the truth is the many are this deceived world with God's little flock being the few, but never share truth with a world of scorners that delight in their scorning who are fools that hate knowledge. 

May God have mercy by softening the hearts He can see with good intents that go beyond the tongue, because God is love.{Romans 9:14-24, Hebrews 4:12-13, 1 John 3:18, 4:7-8}