The Times of the End Have Arrived

What Yahovah God Sees - How He Shapes and Molds His Chosen                                           

 For any to walk through these gates is just as walking into the unknown; and for any individual of Yahovah - [Gods sacred name] - to be around others is as a stranger through being unknown and different with beliefs that seem odd when compared to what is taught in churches worldwide; and its because all that people know is what they can see, hear, think, believe and decide [personal judgements] regarding any they may come into contact with.

Why is that?

Because the truth about that individual becomes as a hidden and unknown spiritual mystery to any natural mind being of this world that have no spiritual knowledge which only Yahovah can supply for those chosen and called as active body parts - therefore are no longer of this world; and its because there are no words that can express just who we  have become because there is a greater unseen Hand that has taken the lead in our lives. Matthew 13:10-11, John 15:19, 1 Corinthians 2:13, Colossians 3, etc..

So just how is it possible for us to explain spiritual truths through very unsmooth words to others who say they believe and have good intentions? When it comes down to only YHVH, who full knowledge of is unsearchable, there is no way for any human being to fully communicate spiritually with another unless it is the will of our Father when conversation becomes not of this world. And being the way of the natural man, many will have already made their judgments regarding the photo of the hands in the clouds; and I only use it in spiritual ways meaning that even if it is a man created picture through modern technology. . . .

 There is absolutely nothing that man could ever duplicate in spiritual ways that is not of this world because the greatness of Yahovah God reaches a billion times mega trillions of light years in every direction to the point where there is no direction other than eternal with no time, limits, or distance even known - and its because of eternity that our human minds cannot even begin to analyze with any true comprehension as something never ending: yet to our creator eternity is only the size of a proton within the nucleus of an atom which would equal 100,000 times smaller than a single strand of hair in size to our Almighty YHVH.

Another way of expressing humanity compared to YHVH is through using this approximate man-made number 546,747,000,000,000,000,000,000 which represents the size of our visible universe; and since each light year is 5.879 trillion miles, the diameter of the visible universe is 546 billion trillion that in pure truth when put into the form of distance in miles is so massive that we with human minds can’t even begin to fully put into proper prospective the magnitude of the proportion. Yet YHVH loves us all no matter who we are because in the end, after the millennial kingdom, after the white throne judgment, every knee will bow before Yehovah God - Isaiah 45:23; but until that time there are but only two roads in life, and only one will show mercy through these end times to those that come directly to Him with all of their heart and mind --- but through actions and not lips that praise His name while rejecting everything that He teaches and commands all genuine believers for life itself as preparation to be the bride of Yeshua [Christ] and reign with Him.  

 All true believers become as the body of Christ with different functions (1 Corinthians 12) who follow only their Head for direction in all things that we do; and if you can relate through your heart and spirit with actions and never just words alone, we can become on the same pages of life spiritually; unfortunately what I want will not happen until the kingdom of God has been set in place under His government, meanwhile that is why there are the many and the few with these following words for a good understanding.Luke 6

Isaiah 26

Most all the people in this world who believe in God and Christ His Son first of all don't even know their proper names, and second will automatically say that we are on the same spiritual page because they have been saved; yet they are totally missing the words of Yehovah God because of the shepherds worldwide which feed not their flock of believers as written in Ezekiel 34,

and many scriptures all through the words we are to live by as instructed -- therefore the believers vine has become broken and withered for gathering into great bunches and cast into the fires of the beginning of sorrows [affliction] followed by the great tribulation to be burned [punishment/wrath] {John 15} without YHVH's mercy because they all chose to rebel against His words of truth that we are to live by without making any excuses why it is okay to do this or that just as billions of other believers do while not believing YHVH when He says that this whole world has been deceived in Revelation 12:9 -- along with exactly what He sees in believers and all human beings [of this world] just as written in Job 15:15-16, Psalms 14:2-3 and 53:2-3, Romans 3:10-20 while also forgetting that His words are only pure truth with instruction. {Psalms 12:6, 18:30, 33:4, 119:140}

So because you are now being warned by a man who has already been judged through hundreds of thousand views of all that I write; and because believers follow only man who Yehovah God says to put no confidence in, you are being told in advance why your affliction/suffering takes place in America, and within all locations worldwide; and everything that I speak comes from the Father because I look only to Him twenty four hours of each day through these past nine years with absolutely no life of my own; and our Father has very clearly shown me a world of believers who know Him not through their actions which show no love for others as written in 1 John 3:14-18, Proverbs 21:13, John 13:34, and many more verses -  

- that go beyond the tongue while being lightening fast to judge others; and right there means they know not Yehovah according to His own words in 1 John 4:7-8 which none, no, not one believes as can be seen through their barren fruit vines because of no roots. Matthew chapter 13

 Because the Universe was created to be inhabited as written in Isaiah 45:18, it can only happen through the government of Yehovah God which is based on love ruling over it. Therefore at this time our Father is not out trying to save the world, but rather building His small flock which is only those few being the body of Christ who follow their Head with no other direction in life; and its only those who have overcome the god of this world [losing selfishness and pride God hates] because they look only towards Yeshua Christ as their Head who looks to the Father as His Head while knowing that they can do nothing themselves. John 8:28b

 At this point we all need to just look at all things pertaining Yehovah God's eternal kingdom to come from only His point of view and never our own. And because love is so important to God, those who genuinely have it within their heart where God searches shall have a multitude of their sins covered because their love for others far outweighs mistakes we all make each day that are sinful. 1 Peter 4:8 - 1 John 4:8

Therefore through the words of Father God we are to live by as believers, we are taught empathy, compassion, to love, to give, to help, to show care, concern, well doing and even genuine efforts to the point where we do good to our enemies so that we are never overcome with evil in our thoughts that direct our ways, but rather we have overcome evil with good. Romans 12:19-21 

 This photo represents what is coming upon all children in America through uncountable nightmares coming to life; and just as Jeremiah's vision in Lamentations, I also see bad times because what is soon to happen is history to YHVH which has already occurred - thus cannot be changed; but if now through 'your change' towards Yehovah in wanting to please Him through the elimination of man's false teachings, doctrines and traditions worldwide, such as Christmas which has one extremely sickening origin,

you can still bring YHVH's mercy upon your own children.

 What you just read in Revelation has everything to do with human mind control through media, television, music, movies, religion, education, or whatever your screen\monitor in life directs.



I am but one single human being, that through our Creator's appointment has been experiencing years and years of the greatest selfish cruelty through actions from this world of religious people being so many that I cannot even write; and according to the words of Yahovah speaking against believers, whom they all claim to love, but simply just bow out and excuse themselves from being doers of the word, therefore deceiving themselves – and reason is because billions feel that Yehovah is never speaking to them when His words are not uplifting, smooth, positive, and pleasing because they are all saved; and that is about all they really know - thus having zero knowledge on how salvation actually works. Hebrews 5:9

I have almost a decade of writing and seeking truth from Yahovah, and becoming completely disassociated with this world – thus have not one true brother, sister, pastor, or any religious title with any care in any way whatsoever. As for me being a man with an unwavering faith and love to all, I just live as Yahshua said my life would be in John 15:18-21 while running the race set before me just as Paul ran his in Hebrews 12:1-2.


So I ask you this, what do you see in the photo's above and below and what if these were your children? 

What if this was you and your daughter?

1.5 MILLION = the number of children in America who go to sleep without a home each year, so the problems are not only in America, but worldwide with disasters such as Haiti, Japan, the Philippines and everywhere. Now know this according to our creator concerning all human life in all situations and all places on earth is only going to accelerate towards the down side with food shortages, higher prices, less jobs, more wars, more destruction, martial law, more diseases, no freedom, well planned terrorists attacks/rebel violence/racial war, and just coming years of total chaos getting only worse and worse everywhere on earth.

So with all of these problems in America and worldwide, what do people who believe in God do?


They all give honor to the devil where he dwells within the buildings of man called churches according to Yahovah God in Revelation 2:13-15 which are the pure words that billions of believers choose not to believe; therefore through paying out mega millions into billions worldwide on buildings and religion of all sizes in all countries only to impress God who wants not -- nor needs their money for useless wasteful material things.

For what purpose and what good is human structures loaded with every expense the imagination can come up with only to impress themselves and their followers while God is crying tears of sadness in wondering how they could all be with so much lip love and praise towards Him while at the same time allowing people next door, down the road, in their cities, towns, rural areas and churches to be crying out in silent tears of sadness that are in hunger, debt, and pain while being overloaded with emotional stress in what they can't even do for their own children when there are billions in churches worldwide who love God and Christ so very much with their lips that for every song sung, and every tear, and every body movement with arms stretched into the air to glorify God -- someone drops dead because no one cared.

When we look 'only' towards our creator a new life begins; and God is not behind on funds needed to support church buildings because church means a group of people and not a building;  

therefore any group that chooses to follow only their Head Jesus Christ is His Body which is the only true church group of God who will be the first-fruits resurrection that shall reign with Christ through the millennium while also becoming a part of God's government throughout eternity. Revelation 5:10, Isaiah 9:6-7 

So what does that mean?  It means everything that Yehovah Elohim [God] says in His words of truth that all of the man made religions of this world just flat out reject with no valid reasons or excuse other than the false righteousness that the god of this world has been pumping into human minds with full success every since he first deceived Eve being the weaker vessel; and Satan has never changed nor has mans rebellious ways as written in Jeremiah 3:25; neither has God's coming punishment on this entire world to make way for His kingdom that shall never fall as the kingdoms of mankind always have.

 My greatest concern is for children because who they are being innocent and without fault compared with where all are going to be within the worst timesoftrouble coming upon all civilization with the fault being of who loves them without enough love to at least open their closed minds to "what if".

What if I have been misled? What if there are truly chaotic nightmares coming upon all humanity that shall replace life itself? What if starvation and diseases are really coming in world chaos? What if the great suffering from chemical and biological weapons is actually growing near? What if the financial collapse of America really is close?

 What if there will be a martial law that eliminates millions of lives for already purchased plastic coffins for who those who don't like the new world order being the corrupt government that reigns over this entire worlds population?

What if the rapture is but another false teaching of man from his false buildings called churches which take peoples money that should be used for the will of God in helping and loving others rather that feeding the devil and the bellies of blind shepherds worldwide who thrive on greed and their self righteous egos while leading billions into the ditches of death? 

   It is only those who look only to Yehovah God that can see all things from an entirely different point of view; and that is because all religious people will say that they do everything they can do with perhaps missionary groups, soup kitchens, helping the needy and whatever their organizations do through the buildings of man that makes them to feel good, right and secure while pleasing God.

However its not what we do through names or organizations, but what we do for our creator which has been written in our heart where God looks because there can be nothing hid whereas spoken words from many are no more speech without action they speak.

Yet with all of the good [misled]churches do, Satan is pleased because that is the way that he operates. In other words he wants to see people prosper; and he loves the monstrous million dollar structures of man where all come to worship their god because all those buildings is where Satan himself dwells just as you read above in Revelation 2:13 which believers do not believe, and truth cannot be repeated enough times because its not believed -- unless you die to yourself while presenting all of you to Yehovah for His use. 

My history with God goes back to when He first strongly came into my mind only to place an extreme interest back in 1989; and in the very start of the early 1990's I went to a few different churches as my beginning through a lesson in seeing pride, ego's, homosexuals, gossip, unlearned preachers, greed, lies and just everything that goes against who God truly is. So to this day I have never been a church member, never associated with one, or even been within the doors of one since the mid 90's when God pulled me completely away from human religions with fork tongue, yet I have never gone anywhere without The Word of God [Bibles] with me.

Through years past in many different locations such as Iraq and Kuwait, I have been asked many times; are you a missionary or preacher? And accompanied was always asked what religion are you?

"The Word" has always been my only answer to this day because my Elohim is but only one Spirit with only One Truth; thus not associated with the uncountable religions or beliefs of man that are in discord while walking in the darkness of a false light that shall burn out from its counterfeit fuel while bringing millions leading into billions towards their fleshly death with false teachers going into great shame worldwide because of so much righteous bloodshed through their false incomplete doctrines which have misled and deceived billions just as God said.

If you were Yehovah who had created an eternal universe to be inhabited while being a God of love who also created human beings in His own image, but with an inner spirit of man for thinking and making decisions, would you not want to properly train those who were going to become first-fruits within your government through many hardships in their life just so as to see their true colors and genuine faith that would never turn against Him as the one third of the angels did with Satan as their ruling prince and power of the air?

And he still is today which has made all humans to become disobedient and rebellious -- So says thy word in truth. So you really need to think, pray, and read the link above and below on the deceptions of Satan, and that is because he has always been the father of lies all believe. - Vital Untaught Truth In The Religions Of Man Worldwide

YHVH is looking for students {Isaiah 28:9} with true faith that will only hear His words and never the false and partial words of man so He can add to His church {group} that will be His government leaders, teachers, and rulers of righteousness rather than what pathetic human rule has always wrongly done to all civilization.

So I ask you this; if you were YHVH with billions who believed in you with their lips while having a world of gods being anything and everything material and worldly before you through not even believing your words of truth about deception -- while also having absolutely no love for others beyond false and empty words -- with absolutely zero actions -- Would you have a use for them in your kingdom as rulers with strict and enforced laws based on love?

Impossible because it would be no different than cyanide for medication.

How YHVH shapes and molds as the Potter;

First we must have a faith so strong that we only believe  all that was written for Israel-Christianity through discernment, seeing error in all different Bible versions, and seeking truth directly from our Father without man in the middle for bias and BS. This link below is a good read on, which is the best version of the Bible?

Second is being shaped for the potters use; and the only way that can be done is through constant changes through years of hard times while being spun very thin, stretched to the max and lumped with excessive difficulties as heavy weights to only bring us down lower in many ways while still keeping our faith in the potter to make us strong. Thus properly shaped just as Paul in 2 Corinthians chapters 11-13 with a strong message on no matter how bad things may become as the only spiritual preparation for the coming worst timesoftrouble which have ever before been since the creation of man. [thorns-false brethren]

Third is always retaining our faith through not being liked, not heard, not believed and not understood by the many in this world who we only want to help best as humanly possible through our past years of life being only hardships, mistakes and wrong turns with never a direction or happiness until God became as our only pilot and instructor for life; so now the time has come to be a messenger of Yehovah Elohim which is for all on earth who want true psychological input from God to replace the false psychological input which the god of this world as prince and power of the air and the father of lies distributes in all minds of this world. 


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